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Economic Mobility

The National Council for Financial Opportunities is a nonprofit working to increase opportunity for all.

Moving In

Programmatic Focus

The NCFO has three areas of programmatic focus: 

  • Financial Resiliency (increasing basic financial capabilities)

  • Financial Accessibility (financial inclusion)

  • Income Adequacy (path to economic mobility)

Dramatically increasing equitable economic mobility and opportunity across the nation.

Three Programmatic Areas of Focus

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Increasing Basic Financial Capabilities

More than Financial Inclusion

Path to Economic Mobility

Increasing Equitable Access to Opportunity

Financial Resiliency

Transitioning to permanent disability destabilizes households. A not-for-profit, low income designated CDFI refinanced a family's loans to reduce monthly payments from $1,024 to $513. This is financial accessibility and financial resilience in action. Stable households are critical to eliminating toxic stress which keeps people living in poverty.

Income Adequacy

A lost job during the pandemic (or anytime) puts transportation to work at risk. A low income designated, not-for-profit CDFI  refinanced a vehicle from 18% APR to 4.99%, paused and extended payments ultimately keeping $175 a month in the house and retaining the critical transportation. A nonprofit community based organization (CBO) helped placement in a higher-paying job. Every programmatic area supports to economic mobility.

Financial Accessibility

Opportunity Initiative Summits open doors to the collaboration of CDFIs and nonprofits to increase impacts while reducing the financial burden on nonprofits. One community healthcare center colocated a CDFI to ensure clients could regain lost funds to afford prescriptions. Equitable financial access supports equitable access to healthcare. Both are critical to economic mobility.

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