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Equitable Access To Opportunity

People want economic mobility. The human spirit is wired to achieve and create. Unfortunately, systematic barriers prevent equitable access to opportunities. We cannot achieve economic mobility by focusing on individual responsibility without giving individuals equal access to the American dream.


Opportunity Knock$ public television series is breaking the stereotype which promotes the idea that if someone works hard, follows social and moral rules, and takes personal responsibility, they will be financially successful. The stereotype assumes someone struggling financially must have done something wrong or isn't working hard enough. People are working hard enough!

The Opportunity Finder moves beyond the stereotype-breaking television series to do something about the systematic barriers preventing economic mobility. We are leveraging technology to connect people with job training, technical assistance, and Community Development Financial Institutions. We are unlocking access to invest billions of dollars in financial capital for homeowners and renters in redlined neighborhoods, business ownership for marginalized people, and high-wage job creation for families living paycheck to paycheck. Everyone deserves access to opportunity. They can access it using The Opportunity Finder.

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